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Oregon Region Youth Board

Tayte Nelson.jpeg

Tayte Nelson, Oregon Trail Pony Club 


Tayte has been riding ever since she was a toddler, but started taking lessons at 8 years old. She is committed to eventing and training with her trainer Lyn Simard. Zen is Tayte‘s 18 year old partner in crime, she has worked her up to her C1 flat. Tayte is extremely active in the horse management community of Pony Club, participating in certifications and teaching opportunities. She is currently C2HM and has plans to take her national certification over the summer. In her spare time Tayte does film studies and enjoys writing songs. Tayte is very excited to work with all the members of the youth to create better communication amongst each other. 

Madeline and Molly 2022.jpg

Madeline Hohl (she/her), Highland Riders Pony Club


Madeline started riding horses at a western barn when she was 6 years old. She soon switched to English and now focuses on the Show Jumping discipline. Madeline joined Pony Club in 2018 when she was 8 years old and has worked to C1 HM and D3 Eventing since then. When not riding or working at the barn, Madeline enjoys photography, making art, and listening to music. 


Madeline joined the Youth Board in 2022 as the Treasurer and is excited to step into the President role. Pony Club has taught her how to work as a part of a team and be a leader. Madeline is hoping to become more involved in Pony Club and the Oregon Region through the Youth Board.

Payton Gault.jpg

Payton Gault (she/her), Highland Riders Pony Club

Social Media Manager

Payton was introduced to riding at a birthday party when she was 6. She instantly fell in love and has been hooked ever since. Payton joined Pony Club in 2016 and is a member of Highland Riders Pony Club. Payton is currently a C2 HM and C1 Eventing. She enjoys going to rallies and using the time to bond as a team. Outside of Pony Club, Payton works with llamas as a member of 4-H and volunteers at the cat shelter working with the kittens. She also enjoys spending time at the barn, with friends, or reading a good book. 


Payton is excited to continue on the Youth Board this year as the Social Media Manager and mentor for the Secretary position. She hopes to help people get involved in Pony Club and get excited for upcoming events. 

Delaney Kenney Youth Board.png

Delaney Kenney (they/them), Patton Valley Pony Club


Delaney Kenney began their path in horse riding when they were just 4 and a half years old. They started training in the Hunter Jumper world, but when they found pony club they fell in love with eventing. Through pony club they progressed through the D-levels of eventing certifications. They are currently D3 EV, and are hoping to obtain their C1 HM this year. They enjoy working with their 14 year-old American Warmblood mare, Olive, as they work to progress through the C levels. When not working with horses Delaney enjoys baking, painting, and mindless drawing.


Delaney is excited to work with all of the amazing people on the Youth Board to ensure our Oregon Region members enjoy their Pony Club experiences to the fullest. 

Sophia Clifford.jpg

Sophia Clifford, Iron Horse Riding Center


Sofia started riding when she was 7 at a dressage barn. She soon tried and loved jumping so she now does the show jumping discipline. Sofia joined pony club in 2020 and is now a D3 eventing and HM. She spends her time away from the barn baking, spending time with friends, and running.


Sofia joined the youth board in 2023 as the treasurer. She is looking forward to helping with the board and moving forward in pony club. Pony club has taught her many lessons but a few of the ones that really stuck out to her were putting your horse before yourself and that there’s always a reward for hard work. 

Bottle Drop.jpg

Youth Board Bottle Drop Fundraiser

Donate your bottles and cans to support OR Region Youth Board projects.

For bags and info, contact Michele Stevens, 

What is the Oregon Region Youth Board?

The Regional Youth Board is a representative group of Pony Club members that develop ideas and inform the Regional Board and Council of what Pony Club members would like to do in Pony Club any given year as well as organize events for the Region, including our annual End of Year Banquet and Model Horse Rally. The Youth Board also gives members a chance to interact with members from other clubs and forge new friendships.

What do they do?

In the past, the Youth Board has been in charge of organizing and running Model Horse Rally, regional member socials, fun activities at Rallies, a used tack sale, the Annual End of Year Banquet and Awards, supported the regional Pony Club camp, and more. The Oregon Region Youth Board can do many more amazing things!

Who can join?

Each club is allowed up to two Club Representatives (Club Reps), with each Representative serving a one year term. It is up to the individual club to select who they will send to represent their club with the basic criteria of representatives being between 12 and 25 years old AND at least a D3HM. Club Reps serve a one year term, but can be renewed for an additional term with ORYB and DC/CA approval. 

How do you become a Youth Board Representative?

In order to be a Club Rep, you must be selected by your local club members to serve a one year term. In that term, you should attend both meetings of the Regional Youth Board which may happen in conjunction with the Regional meetings. At these meetings, the Club Reps are expected to participate in discussions and create ideas for the Regional Youth Board, as well as participate to help implement these ideas. As a Club Representative, you are responsible for bringing ideas and questions from your club to the Youth Board as well as reporting back to their clubs any relevant information.


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