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Oregon Region Board
Stephanie Oliveria.jpg

Stephanie Oliveria (she/her)

Regional Supervisor

(352) 284-3353

Stephanie grew up in a rural setting east of Sandy, OR near Mt. Hood. She was born a horse girl into a non-horsey family. After years of pleading for her very own horse her parents finally gave in; at 13 she was given a mare named Harvey. With hand-me-down tack, a dusty box of old grooming supplies, no lessons or instruction, no truck or trailer and miles and miles of wide-open space to ride, Stephanie started her life with horses. 30 years later, she hasn’t had a day without them since. Stephanie will tell you she rode and took care of her horses well enough, but after she joined Tuscawilla Pony Club in Gainesville, FL in ‘16 she finally rode with purpose and cared for her horses with confidence. In fact, she jokes that both she and her horse didn’t realize she had a right lead until Pony Club came into their life!  Stephanie was a member of Iron Horse Pony Club Riding Center when she and her husband Seth moved back to Oregon. Most recently she became a member of Patton Valley where she has held the role of DC.  Stephanie is currently a C2 EV and hopes to continue her certification journey and actively compete in Eventing. When Stephanie is not actively riding or participating in Pony Club, she can be found caring for pediatric patients in the ICU at Providence St. Vincent hospital or having adventures with her husband and their two German shorthaired pointers, Bruno and Rocky on their farm in North Plains, OR.

Denise Leonard 2023.png

Denise Leonard 

Vice - Regional Supervisor of Rallies

(541) 265-8706

Denise Leonard has been involved in Pony Club since her oldest daughter first joined back in 2012. She has been involved with horses her entire life, both as a rider herself doing small shows and trail riding and as a horse mom for her two daughters. 

She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor working in Private Practice as well as Interim Executive Director at Olalla Center, a non-profit in Lincoln County. She has held a variety of positions with Olalla, including Executive Director and Clinical Director. 

Denise is excited to be more involved with Pony Club, including as DC of the new Epic Pony Club out of Benton County. 

When she is not working or doing Pony Club activities, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters and their vast array of animals.

Anna Young.jpg

Anna Young (she/her)

Regional Instruction Coordinator

(916) 847-1501

Anna grew up eventing and has been an active member of Pony Club since she joined Sierra Gold Pony Club in Northern California in ‘06. Since then, she moved up the certifications to the HA-Trad level and hopes to eventually get her A Certification. While she was in college she taught and did certifications for Sierra Pacific, MidCal, and Southern California Pony Club regions. After graduating from UC San Diego with an MS in NanoEngineering, Anna worked as an large animal vet technician for three years before moving to Hillsboro, OR in ‘20. Anna currently events her OTTB mare and is a regular examiner and instructor in Oregon Region. Outside of horses, Anna manages an electron microscopy team in the semiconductor industry and likes to spend her time outdoors with her dog. 

Larissa Prince 2023.png

Larissa Prince

Regional Instructional Coordinator

(503) 881-1944

Larissa has been a member of the Oregon Region pony club since 2012 and has certified through the HB/C2 eventing level. Growing up around horse racing, she developed a passion for OTTBs and found eventing through Pony Club. Having competed through training level, she is currently training her next OTTB partner, Coco, with plans to take him out for his first show season this spring. Becoming a national member at age 18, she continued her pony club education during college, graduating from OSU in 2021 with a Bachelors in creative writing and journalism. Larissa hopes to continue her national certifications and become an A graduate, as well as continue helping the region as a pony club instructor and examiner.

Wendy Clifford

Regional Treasurer

(503) 880-5873

Rebekah Bond 2024.png

Rebekah Bond

Horse Management Officer

(310) 387-3247

Rebekah is a C-2, H-B who grew up in Portuguese Bend Pony Club, Camino Real Region. She's been to Championships in Kentucky twice for Quiz, once for Eventing, and once for Tetrathlon. There and at countless other rallies, lessons, and clinics, Pony Club has taught her life lessons and forged lifetime friendships. Now here in Oregon she's excited to continue learning (it never stops, does it?) and to take part in designing the setting where others might learn life lessons and forge lifetime friendships as well! 

Anna Hohl (she/her)

Regional Secretary

(503) 953-3895

Anna has been a Pony Club parent since 2018 and joined the Regional Board in 2020. She also served as the DC of Highland Riders Pony Club from 2019-2023.  Anna has fond memories of growing up riding horses, but now lives vicariously through her two horse-crazy daughters.


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