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Oregon Region Board
Stephanie Oliveria.jpg

Stephanie Oliveria (she/her)

Regional Supervisor

Stephanie grew up in a rural setting east of Sandy, OR near Mt. Hood. She was born a horse girl into a non-horsey family. After years of pleading for her very own horse her parents finally gave in; at 13 she was given a mare named Harvey. With hand-me-down tack, a dusty box of old grooming supplies, no lessons or instruction, no truck or trailer and miles and miles of wide-open space to ride, Stephanie started her life with horses. 30 years later, she hasn’t had a day without them since. Stephanie will tell you she rode and took care of her horses well enough, but after she joined Tuscawilla Pony Club in Gainesville, FL in ‘16 she finally rode with purpose and cared for her horses with confidence. In fact, she jokes that both she and her horse didn’t realize she had a right lead until Pony Club came into their life!  Stephanie was a member of Iron Horse Pony Club Riding Center when she and her husband Seth moved back to Oregon. Most recently she became a member of Patton Valley where she has held the role of DC.  Stephanie is currently a C2 EV and hopes to continue her certification journey and actively compete in Eventing on her sassy Welsh/TB mare, AURYN. When Stephanie is not actively riding or participating in Pony Club, she can be found caring for pediatric patients in the ICU at Providence St. Vincent hospital or having adventures with Seth and their two German shorthaired pointers, Bruno and Rocky on their farm in North Plains, OR.


Courtney Lewis 

Vice - Regional Supervisor of Rallies / Volunteer Coordinator

(503) 936-0469

Courtney has been the unmounted educational coordinator for Oregon Trail Pony Club since 2020 and now serving as the Secretary for their club.  She has two daughters, Lucy and Janie.  Lucy has been in Pony Club for 3 years and has her C1 in Eventing and Janie just recently joined Pony Club in October and has her D1 certification.  Courtney grew up competing in Eventing, Dressage and then Hunter/Jumpers as an adult and now enjoys watching her daughters ride and compete. 

Anna Young.jpg

Anna Young (she/her)

Regional Instruction Coordinator

Anna grew up eventing and has been an active member of Pony Club since she joined Sierra Gold Pony Club in Northern California in ‘06. Since then, she moved up the certifications to the HA-Trad level and hopes to eventually get her A Certification. While she was in college she taught and did certifications for Sierra Pacific, MidCal, and Southern California Pony Club regions. After graduating from UC San Diego with an MS in NanoEngineering, Anna worked as an large animal vet technician for three years before moving to Hillsboro, OR in ‘20. Anna currently events her OTTB mare and is a regular examiner and instructor in Oregon Region. Outside of horses, Anna manages an electron microscopy team in the semiconductor industry and likes to spend her time outdoors with her dog. 

Kim Kenney.jpg

Kim Kenney (she/her)

Vice-RS of Community and DEIA

Kim has been an adult member of Patton Valley since ‘20. She is the proud mother of Delaney, who at the age of 4 1/2, begged for riding lessons. Almost a decade later, the two of them haven’t looked back since! Together, they have two horses: a dark bay American Warmblood named Olive (aka Dirty Martini) and a chestnut Quarter Horse named Cherry (aka Shirley Temple).  

In her commitment to make art, education, and sport accessible for all, she is excited to serve on the ORUSPC Board alongside other passionate and talented individuals to support an incredible community of horses and riders.

Michele Stevens (she/her)

Regional Treasurer

(503) 635-6113

Michele has served on the Regional Board (‘18-’21) and was DC of Oregon Trail (‘20-’21). Her daughter, Emma, started in Pony Club at the end of ‘05 with Oregon Trail, and did certifications every year, achieving her A Rating when she was 17.  Since then, Emma has continued to help out Pony Clubs in the US and in the UK by teaching and as an examiner.  Michele joined as an official Pony Club member, shortly after Emma went to college and has evented to the Beginner Novice level and achieved her D2 eventing certification.

Michele Stevens.jpg

Anna Hohl (she/her)

Regional Secretary

(503) 953-3895

Anna joined the Regional Board in 2020 and has been involved with Pony Club since 2018. She is also the DC of Highland Riders Pony Club, where her daughters, Madeline and Evelyn, are members.  Anna has fond memories of growing up riding horses, but now lives vicariously through her two horse-crazy daughters.

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