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Club/Center leaders - New members paperwork process;

  1. New member to complete a hard copy USPC application and write ONE check to your club/center for the total joining fee (includes USPC new member fee, ORUSPC new member fee and your club/center joining fee)

  2. DC/CA makes two copies of the application.  Keep one copy for your records, the other copy is mailed to ORUSPC's treasurer with a club/center check written to ORUSPC for the new member fee of $40. (mail to Oregon Region Pony Club)

  3. The original application copy is sent to USPC (address on bottom of application) with a club/center check to USPC for the new member fee


Oregon Region Fees.
$40              New Member (Any time of the year and paid by Check)
$35              Early Bird Renewing Member (if paid before November 15th)
$40              Regular Renewing Member (if paid after November 15th)



USPC National Dues.
$155            New Member.  Membership starts January 1st
$135            Early Bird Renewing Member (paid prior to November 15th)
$145            Regular Renewing Member (paid after November 15th)
$200            Prorated New Member joining between September 1st - December 31st (for next calendar year)



Oregon Region Policies (adopted May 2016)
USPC Membership Application
USPC Adult Code of Conduct Agreement
 (to be used with parents of new youth members)
USPC Sponsor Application (to be used by all sponsors of your club)
USPC Club Treasurer Resources


The following links will take you to the required safety units that club/center leaders must complete.

USPC Background Check Information
USPC Head Injury/Concussion Training
USPC Heat Illness Training
USPC Youth Protection Training

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